Frequently Asked Questions



1. Are terms available?

Yes.  We have an in house credit department and will be happy to begin the approval process for customers anywhere in the world.

2. Is there a restocking fee?

Yes.  A restocking fee of 15% may be applied to orders that are cancelled after production.

3. Is there a minimum order volume?

The minimum order size is $100.  Customers wishing to order less than $100 in merchandise may be subject to a $25 fee.

4. Is your PVC material UV resistant?

Yes.  It is designed for use in exterior and interior applications.

5. Is your PVC material approved for use with food?

Yes.  Our product has been certified and given NSF approval by the United States FDA.

6. How long has ES Robbins International been in business?

ES Robbins International has been in operation for 35 years now and our parent company is celebrating it’s 46th year in 2013.  

7. Is your PVC resistant to most chemicals?

For information, view our comprehensive chemical resistance chart for PVC materials.

8. Does ES Robbins International also sell PVC/Vinyl chair mats?

Indeed, we offer chair mats for home or office applications as well as vinyl carpet runner, through our relationship with ES Robbins Corporation, a global leader in the PVC flooring products. 

9. Where is Muscle Shoals, Alabama?

Our manufacturing facility is located only a few miles from the Tennessee River in the northwest corner of Alabama. 

We are 20 miles from both Mississippi and Tennessee, and 120 miles northwest of Birmingham.